Serena Frank’s letter to her younger self: “Have more fun!”

Yay, our first letter to a younger self, has arrived, all the way from Durban, South Africa.

Letter to my younger self…

Dear Serena
You should have had more fun when you were young, like going out with friends and socializing, rather than being confined to home and school and family occasions.

You could have made more informed career choices and traveled more before starting a family.
Become wiser in the world. Become freer and more mature to make life decisions rather than following the normal process of doing what is expected of an Indian female, born and raised in apartheid South Africa.
Learn well, choose a profession, study, get your degree, get married, have children and live for your family.

Pursue your passion and live your life with passion, rather than with rules and regulations that restrict and confine.
Your youth is a passport to develop and grow and become me, the true me, not doubtful of who I am.
Focussing on my skin breakouts and curvy nose hindered my socialization. I could have been a better speaker, a more assertive person, a confident young lady.
I think I have reached a belief in my inner self now, at 50 years old, when I could have done so earlier.

Dearest Serena,
I think we all tend to focus much too much on our appearance when we are young and we let this keep us back. For me personally, it was my weight and my teeth. The great thing though is that as we grow older we realize that the imperfections we cared about so much when we are younger are not that important and that we are amazing and special despite them, maybe (and this is a pretty radical thought:) even because of them.

You sound like an amazing person. Thank you for sharing a few of your life lessons and showing up.
I can resonate with the “fun” part of your letter and not just doing what is expected of us, soooo much!
At least we are starting to get it now that we’re older, hey?
I hope you’ll have a fun-filled, amazing weekend.
Lots of love,

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