What Showing up Today is about…

Showing up today is a site for letters to our younger selves, a sharing of the wisdom and lessons we've learned so far in the Kindergarten of life.
In my book Dive In - Unlocking Happiness and miracles, a memoir consisting of letters penned to my 20-year old self, I issued an invitation to readers to also share their words of wisdom with their younger versions.
"We have to sometimes dig deep to find those pearl bearing oysters in the depths of our lives- the events that happened to us and the lessons we learned from them. It is a sacred and scary thing, this diving in."
Writing a letter to your younger self is a way to draw together the strings of your life at whatever age you are at and weave an authentic, heart to heart conversation with yourself from it.
By taking charge of the stories we tell ourself about the shit that happened to us, the bad choices we made and the pain we experienced, we are able to transmute them into helpful shining examples of bravery and kindness to ourselves. It's a special kind of magic.
If life is indeed a learning school, I hope that it is, in fact, more like a Kindergarten, filled with giggling friends, daily field trips and bright stars awarded for just showing up - rather than a serious Harvard of the Universe.
It would be fun to read what you would like to tell your younger version about what is going to happen in your life, how to deal with it, what you've learned from it and what they need to know about life, love and everything else.
And maybe after we compare notes about our life's studies so far, we can have some milk and cookies and a nap under a warm blanket. Drifting away to dream of butterflies, clutching our gold stars in our hands, awarded for simply Showing Up in our lives today.
Write to letters@showinguptoday.com